Captcha Work Details in English

Frequently asked questions

1.What is the work?
The work is pretty simple. There are unclear images of characteristics consist of alphabets and numbers at one end, you have to enter them in the another field repeat this process again and again . (As seen in above video).   
To download Demo work video click here.

2.Requirement to do work?
1) Computer
2) A good internet connection with unlimited)
3) Willing to work
4) Typing skills

3.History of the work!!!
Digitizing the hard copies i.e. old books and old literature are scanned with the help of optical readers and it forms the images.

4. Payment details
You will get payment as bidding system. Bid ranges between 30 cents to 90 cents for every 1000 entries. (100 cents = One dollar, One dollar is equal to Rs.50/-)

5.How many entries I can enter daily?
It differs from person to person depends on earning capacity likewise entries depends up on typing speed patience and analytical skills. Night time the server is fast in India.Please see below chart for example.

6.Is there any daily limit for work?
No limit in providing work as much as you can work that much work will be provided and there is no compulsory to do work daily it can be done part time also.we provides 24 hrs work to you .but its upto you to work.

7.How can I receive payments?
You can receive the money through bank directly for that you have to provide bank account number and branch while starting the work.Also can get by cash in our local branches.

8.Any charges to register and do that work?
We take service charge Rs.1000/-(Six months validity.After six months renewal charge Rs.300/- only) (Why you should pay service charges? To know click here.) for the work provided by us.