Home based Data entry work Details

Data entry and home based work will be available for those who have computer and internet service.You can do this work part time or full time.
  • Details of Online data entry work:-
This work is called as listing entry. It is very easy work you can do this work at any time by sitting at your home.
  • Requirements:-   
Computer and good internet service.
Example of One listing:-

Data will be sent in the form of images to your email address(Please see above example Listing). Enter the data in the form (Please see below sample form). Type the data in the form same as in the image.
Sample Typed Form in Online 

  • Procedure of Entry:-
Please see the sample Listing above. To complete one listing enter file number and Address after that enter the captcha then click on send button. Follow the same procedure to enter the listings one by one.
  • Payment details:-
In this way If you complete 10,000 listings you will be paid $180(one dollar is equal to Rs.50/-). Only 100 errors accepted. If more than 100 errors found you will get $90. You can complete your data at any time. No targets and no time limits. As soon as you completed your work you will be paid next day and also you will get next work at the same time. Payment will be done at our office or through online banking to your Bank account.

You should Pay consultancy fees Rs.1800/- for providing work(Six months validity). You can pay consultancy fees directly at our offices  located in Vijayawada or Visakhapatnam or you can pay consultancy fees by direct deposit or through online net banking. For bank account details please Click Here. You can get work immediately after paying consultancy fees. 

If you have any doubts please feel free to contact us.

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